5 Reasons Cannabis is the Missing Ingredient From Your Self Care Routine

cannabis self care self care routine self-care Jul 11, 2022

Relax your body. Renew your mind. Reinvigorate your spirit. This is our mantra for the month. Far too many women don’t take the time to properly care for themselves and set aside time to relax and reset. However, the compounding effects of stress from daily life, relationships, and work manifest as mental and physical health issues. Without a proper outlet, prolonged stress becomes detrimental to your long-term health.

Before we get into the routine-enhancing benefits of CBD, I want to take a minute to talk about the three pillars of self-care. Most Americans understand that self-care is vital to maintaining their health and longevity but only about 27% actually make time for health and wellness, as the common belief is that self-care is for people with more money, more time, and more options.

According to physicians and mental health professionals, self-care has three main pillars: the mind, body, and spirit. Something that can help balance all three is cannabis, or CBD. CBD has been making its media rounds as the new wonder supplement. It’s appearing in food, herbal supplements, teas, soft drinks, and even medication. Many people use CBD in the form of a tincture, an oil, vaporizer oil, or as the full cannabis flower. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not get you “high” like THC will.

 Here are 5 ways that CBD can enhance your self-care routine:

  1. Stress & Anxiety – adding CBD to your self-care routine has been shown to noticeably relieve symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. CBD actually helps improve low levels of serotonin in the brain which contributes to stress, anxiety, and depression disorders.
  2. Inflammation & Pain – CBD has pain-reducing and anti-inflammation properties. CBD has been shown in clinical trials to ease symptoms for those suffering from chronic nervous system issues like rheumatoid arthritis. Cannabis and CBD are also immunosuppressants, meaning they work to reduce inflammation that results from your immune system reacting to an allergen or other cause.
  3. Acne – CBD has been shown to help regulate the production of sebum on your skin from sebocytes. CBD may be able to help improve the look of skin by aiding your body’s natural renewing processes.
  4. Sleep Health – during a study of 72 patients with sleep disorders, 66% reported they were able to get better sleep with the inclusion of CBD into their daily routine.
  5. Addictive Behaviors – a powerful benefit of CBD is that it can help with substance abuse. CBD has shown to have significant benefits for people struggling with cocaine, methamphetamine, and other psychostimulant addictions.

So as you can see, self-care is a necessary part of life. While many only set aside time for self-care once a week, month, or year, self-care should really be a daily practice.

And if you want more detailed information on this and building your cannabiz, check out my free guide.


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