Megan Thee Stallion’s New Mental Health Platform for Her “Hotties”

Oct 03, 2022


It’s always good to see some of our favorite celebrities stepping outside of their everyday careers to do something that is not only important to them, but important and helpful to their fans and community…which is what Ms. Megan Pete, a.k.a. Megan Thee Stallion, has done.


Megan has launched a new website,, which is full of mental health resources and includes links to various organizations, numbers for helplines, and ways that fans can find nearby therapists. Additionally, the website offers directories for groups that specialize in providing mental health services to Black patients and LGBTQ people specifically.


The creation of this website comes two years after Meg experienced her own mental health issues. She said that she fell into a "dark place" after reportedly being shot by rapper Tory Lanez (who pled not guilty in November 2020). It didn't help, she added, that her late mother, who passed away in 2019, wasn't around when the incident took place for comfort.


According to the L.A. Times, in October 2021, she also spoke to Taraji P. Henson for the actor’s Facebook Watch series about processing her feelings after her parents’ death. “I’ve lost both of my parents. Now I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, who do I talk to? What do I do?’” she said. “I just started learning that it’s OK to ask for help and it’s OK to want to go get therapy.”

In an article from, they stated that Megan said, “As a Black person, and when you think of therapy you think of, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m weak.’ You think of medication and you just think the worst,” she said in the episode titled “Slaying Adversity with Megan Thee Stallion.” “That’s kind of what you see on TV too. Like, therapy wasn’t even presented in the media as something that was good. Now, it’s becoming safe to say, ‘Alright now, there’s a little too much going on. Somebody help me’”.

Kudos to you Megan! This is a great asset to the community.



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