Moms Surviving Back to School

back to school moms Aug 08, 2022

For some moms, school is now back in session for the kids, as if you weren’t just getting in tune with them being out of school for the summer. If you’re anything like me, then you are probably wondering when you’ll catch a break, right?! 

Well, the truth of the matter is that sometimes you have to just create a moment for you, and don’t get lost in the sauce with the kids. Focus on you first. It has been ingrained in us as parents to put our children's needs before our own. Actually, all that giving up actually makes it harder for you to be a good parent. It's quite difficult to support your children's fulfillment if you're not fulfilled yourself. In order for you and your child to be complete, you need to find the correct balance of everything in your life. It's crucial to build stress-relieving and joy-inducing routines into your daily routine for this reason. 

Yeah, the kids are back in school so now you have to get back to being responsible and making sure that they have a good dinner before going to bed. Well you know what, have the kids help you with dinner. I know you’re probably thinking…that sounds like more stress…but hear me out. Enlisting help for dinner may be the key to encouraging fussy eaters to try new foods and consume a healthier diet, according to experts. You'll save time and have happier dinners. Children's fundamental math and reading abilities will also be enhanced by having them measure ingredients and read instructions aloud. So look, you’re killing multiple birds with one stone! Genuis right?!

And for those of us with spouses at home, stop trying to be superwoman, and split up some of those household duties with them! I know it is assumed that we are supposed to always hold down the fort, but a mompreneur such as myself needs help too. Your relationship may benefit from workload sharing. On average, women spend 90 minutes more per day than their partners on housework. However, research revealed in the journal of the American Sociological Association shows that couples who divide household duties equally experience more sexual intimacy and relationship satisfaction. Laundry and relaxation on your next date night.

Sounds like a winner to me! 

Long story short, it may seem like things are easier while the kids are back in school, but the reality is that life and time are all back on schedules which can make things a little tough. Use your alone time wisely and maximize the help when you can. We want you to make sure you have a clear mind while you are dealing with the ends and outs of being a mompreneur!


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