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Time Management and Self Care

self care time management Sep 19, 2022

Since September is National Self-Improvement Month, what better time than now would be suitable for us to discuss time management and self-care. In our society of social media, the term "self-care" has become unclear and frequently equates to giving in to temptation (as a way to give yourself a break). True self-care, however, frequently entails taking on challenges, such as exercising in the early morning or choosing grilled food when you're craving fried.

When it comes to time management, time is a big source of anxiety for many people. We never have enough time in a day to complete everything that has to be done. You end up with heightened and magnified issues if you combine it with generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and the numerous other mental illnesses and personality disorders that many of us have.

 Managing your time well is a sort of self-care. Learning how to keep on top of your tasks can be the key to avoiding the downward spiral in light of all the anxiety and the possibility of a spiral of unfavorable events. Time management can be a crucial component of sustaining professionalism and mental health in a competitive setting that is full of stressors for us sensitive souls.

 Here are a few key tips to help you with your time management:

  1. Time blocking. Plan out your day ahead of time.
  2. Be sure to include several moments of “me time” throughout the day.
  3. Create habits.
  4. Set goals and break them down.
  5. Avoid multi-tasking.
  6. Set boundaries around your home and work life.
  7. Reward yourself for accomplishing interim goals throughout the day.

Never forgetting about self in the midst of all of the daily chaos is what we want to aim to do. Create this new healthy habit for yourself and see how much it changes your mental as well.


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