Secure Exclusive Ownership of Your Intellectual Property with a Federally Registered Trademark

Learn the process of registering your trademark with one of Atlanta's top business and entertainment lawyers

Shaquanna Sutton

"This DIY class was worth every penny! It was informative, detailed & helped perfect my trademark services. Lerae is THE go to attorney for me. If you're interested in learning about trademarking in the best light, this is the class to do so."

— Shaquanna Sutton

Kay James

"I attended the DIY Trademark workshop and Lerae packed so much information that was easy to follow & understand. She patiently answered every single question asked! I follow her blogs and her Instagram account that is packed with nuggets of wisdom for parents, entrepreneurs and anyone who needs help. Thanks a million, Lerae!"

— Kay James

Don't Spend Anymore Money Investing in a Brand You Don't Own!


The last thing you want to do is invest in your brand, just to learn that someone else beat you to the trademark office and registered your brand name first.  Then you'll be the one hit with the cease and desist! Believe me, it happens– more often than you think.


When you refuse to register your trademark, it's likely to result in wasted time, money, and resources, with limitations on growth and expansion. Trademarks are an asset to your business! Investors know this, and with the growth of your business, comes the opportunity to license your trademarks to other brands who want to capitalize off of your brand’s reputation and goodwill. Trust and believe-- this is where the real bag is!

The investment of a federal trademark is minimal in light of the risks of not obtaining one. Now you can learn the process of completing a comprehensive search, responding to office actions and correspondence, and registering your trademark with the USPTO on your own!


Let Me Ask You This... 

As a new or established entrepreneur, have you:

  •  Started seeing people using your brand name or variations of it after launching your business or brand?
  •  Been afraid to launch your products or services out of fear of someone snatching your ideas and concepts
  • Had a business or brand grow at an unexpected rate and received lots of publicity because of your developments?

If you've answered "YES" to any of the above, you're in the right place! I'm about to teach you how to register your trademark and help you secure a long-term bag at the same time!


In this Self-Paced, Interactive Workshop You Will:

• Obtain a clear understanding of the different types of intellectual property, what they protect, their limitations, and how to best utilize them for your business

• Utilize an interactive workbook and companion guide with 100+ pages of trademark knowledge and resources to assist you throughout the process

• Learn the step-by-step process of completing a thorough trademark search using the searching the trademark database and legal search tactics to ensure your mark cleared

• Register your federal trademark with the USPTO to claim complete ownership of your intellectual property

• Learn how to make passing selections for your trademark specimens and classes to help you ensure a successful registration process

• Understand the process of office actions, proper response techniques to move your application forward for approval, and receive access to sample winning substantive office action templates

• Participate in monthly group coaching to give you 1-on-1 assistance with the entire trademark process for your brand

Protect the Brand. Build the Legacy.

As a self-proclaimed DIY queen, I understand why you might want to draft contracts and forms yourself. It’s less expensive and it seems easier.

But the truth is, you're likely missing verbiage and clauses that will cost you, and you’ll end up hiring someone like me to correct the expensive mistakes.

I’ve heard enough horror stories and have been on the receiving end of reviving trademark applications from people who tried doing it themselves without my course and guidance or those who chose to use options like Legal Zoom.

Hiring an attorney for trademark registration can cost thousands, plus additional fees that may come with office actions needed after filing. With this workshop, you'll learn to register your mark for a small fraction of the cost with guidance from one of the best attorneys to ever do it!

After completing this workshop, you'll secure federal trademark benefits, including:

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: You receive exclusive rights to use the name, logo, or slogan in connection with your goods and/or services

RIGHT TO SUE: If your mark is registered with the USPTO and someone infringes upon it by using it in a manner likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake as to the source, you're able to sue them in civil court for trademark infringement

VALIDATION: There's a statutory presumption that your mark is valid, you're the owner, you can use the mark exclusively, you have priority with regard to the mark as of the day of filing, and the mark has developed an association with you as the provider of certain goods and/or services

THE TRADEMARK SYMBOL: You can now legally implement the ® symbol with your trademark and the general public is put on notice that you are the owner and originator of the goods and/or services

So, Are You Going to Risk Losing Everything You've Worked So Hard to Build?

There are risks you'll take in life, but this just shouldn't be one. Save yourself from unnecessary fees, delays, abandoned applications and headaches! Protect what you've created and use an experienced attorney like Lawyer Mommy to teach you how to register your trademark!


Securing a Trademark Has Never Been Easier


Purchase Trademark Brand Protection for DIY Creatives & Entrepreneurs


Learn & Apply Info, Guides, Resources, & Coaching from Lawyer Mommy


Register Your Trademark with the USPTO & Own Your Intellectual Property

Hi, I’m Lerae!

My name is Lerae Funderburg. I’m a mother of two wonderful children and a Business & Entertainment Lawyer. I’m also the founder and Managing Partner of Funderburg Law, a boutique law firm based out of Atlanta, GA.

My specialties are:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Business & Entertainment Transactions
  • Estate Planning

I've protected hundreds of businesses, grown 6 & 7-figure companies with a baby in tow, and received extensive drafting and negotiation training in business, music, and film industries from top-notch professionals. I've been featured and worked with some of the world's most prominent platforms and publications, including Rolling Out, Yahoo Finance, VoyageATL, InTheCity Magazine, Pretty Huzlas, and Impeccable Magazine.

So what do all these credentials mean for your business?

All I do is win, win, win, no matter what. And you can too!

I know exactly what it takes to build a successful business brand, because I’ve done it over and over. I understand the unique challenges you face with hiring, securing resources, bringing in new clients, increasing revenue, and everything else you do to manage your business. 

Working with me, you don’t only contracts and forms, you get the peace of mind knowing you are making the best decision for your business. 


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